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BEENDET / DISCONTINUED – UP Joschi’s Oriental Sunrise 100g

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Our Joschi is a calm but jovial type. He doesn‘t much like to raise attention to his person, but he‘s always present. Joschi prefers natural or slightly aromatized tobaccos. This classic oriental blend is just after his fancy. A creamy Virginia Broken Flake forms the basis. It has been mixed with equal parts of Louisiana Perique, Kentucky Burley and Samsoun Oriental, which breathe a whole new life into the Virginia. The flavored tobaccoes, especially the very expressive Samsoun Oriental, make for a wonderfully uncomplicated and yet interesting blend which develops its unique taste without the use of additional flavorings. This is how good tobacco can taste on its own. A blend for the calm and quiet bon vivant as pleasure needs no words.

Nicotine: 3  

Aromatisation: — 

Flavor: natural

Chart: 1 (light) to 6 (strong)

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