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If you have ever heard the powerful boom of the BMW engines and seen the massive and yet majestic shape of a Ju52 (Auntie Ju) circling in the sunlight, surely you have felt an immediate fascination with this giant of the skies. Massive, powerful, majestic, yet playful and even a little naïve, but always impressive – this is how the “Ju 52“ blend, too, will present itself to you. Malty and slightly fruity tones give the powerful, dark pressed, medium- strong Virginia/Perique Broken Flake its character. A voluminous smoking experience in terms of taste, but without irksome weight. A gentle giant for dreams of the pioneering spirit of the past. …takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory. (aviation aphorism)

Nicotine: 3  

Aromatisation: Rapsberry / Flowers

Flavor: 3 (Aromatisation)

Chart: 1 (light) to 6 (strong)

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